Bata Auteuil Prouced by Bata factory
in Hellocourt, France
The perfect marriage of high quality and high fashion.

Bata enlists renowned mid-century designers in its advertising campaigns

Herbert Leupin, Donald Brun and Guy Georget nostrud exercitation

"Haute Mode"
– French advertisement, 1954

Some of Bata's most famous advertising posters were produced in the 1940s and 50s – the Golden Age of advertising – by designers schooled in the Plaktstil style.

Plakatstil (German for "poster style") was chacterized by bold lettering, flat colors, and simple compositions focusing on a single object.

"Poster by Peter Birkhauser, 1947

Advertising poster by Donald Brun, 1946


The company used its own studios and equipment to produce TV advertising.

High-top canvas shoe produced in the Bata factory in East Tilbury, England, late 1940s–early 1950s.

Featuring sturdy cloth and a heavy ribbed toe guard, the shoe was a favorite on the court.


Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani – best known for his controversial advertising campaigns for Benetton – was behind the 1992 European Bata campaign “Facce di Bata."

Large-format advertisement on a Bata factory building in Zlín.


poster by
Herbert Leupin

representing every country in which Bata shoes were marketed.

Celebrating Children's Day, Oct. 5, 1964

Shoes for monsoon weather

Official sponsor, World Cup, Mexico, 1986

"Chaussures pour tous" ("Shoes for everyone")

French TV advertisement, 1976 (video)

"Buy Bata Shoes" - Pakistan, 1956

Buy Bata Shoes" - Asia, 19566


"Difficile Resistere" ("Hard to resist") - Worldwide campaign, 2000

The World's Brand

The Bata name and logo have been translated into more than 14 languages. In some areas, the word "bata" became synonymous with “shoes” because it was the only manufactured footwear the local people knew.